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Lake Erne
Lake Erne

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Saturday, 13-September-2003

After leaving the visitor center (again without any cool patches or gift type things), we drove inland meandering along while I read the visitor center regional map of points of interest. The most interesting thing that seemed like a sure thing was the caves. I missed the turnoff into the forest and south right off, so we drove a little further before finally turning south and heading toward the caves. There were a couple of wooded areas along the way, though we didn't stop. These were typically very dense, green, and had an interesting and pretty quality to the light that reflected through the greenery.

The lake was beautiful and the sky was doing that typical magical Irish sky thing -- the clouds just seemed different, prettier, fluffier, more sensual in shape. The sky was clearer and the water was bluer. The water was so blue, and the contrast with the greenery of the scattered trees and shrubs, the richness of the earth and heather. We found a turnout and pulled off the road, got out to take pictures and breathe in the air. The panorama was so perfect you could stand there all day staring at it. Just gorgeous.


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